Contact information
  • N'zaou Renaud
  • Phone number: Hidden
  • Mail address: Hidden
  • Location: Lyon, France

Developer, Penetration tester

years old, from Lyon, France

  • Polyglot programmer
  • Security oriented
  • Wide range of IT skills (web, devops, system, networking)
Programming Rust (Tauri), Typescript/Javascript (Node, Angular, React), HTMX, C/C++, Java (Spring Boot), Scala, Python, Android, PHP, Bash
Architecture Azure Cloud, Terraform, Docker w/k8s, Ansible, Microservices, Serverless, REST, GRPC
CI/CD Github, Gitlab, Drone, Jenkins
Security Web application auditing and dynamic testing, Cryptography, Risk analysis, OAuth2/OIDC/SAML
Languages Native French, English (C1)

2018 : Web developer at Vittascience

  • Website construction
  • Built an Arduino web IDE for young people
  • Built an interative community map

2019-2022: Pentester and developer at ITNOVEM

  • Security audits, Black/white box, Code reviews
  • Source code analysis with Checkmarx SAST
  • Web application security training sessions with developers
  • In charge of development and architecture for business applications.

2023-2024: Senior lead developer at SNCF

  • Teaches web programming to new developer trainees.
  • Developers community manager.
  • Member of lead developers committee.
  • CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker)
  • TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication)
  • CCNA 1-4 (Cisco Certified Network Associate)
Educational background
  • French Baccalauréat in 2013
  • Studied law for two years at UCLY
  • 5 years "Software Architecture" curriculum at ESGI (Certificate)
  • I am the author of Blaze , a monorepo-based build system written in Rust.
  • My current monorepo at Github
  • My old student Github
About me
  • I love to learn, but also to teach.
  • Friendly and easygoing.
  • Very musical.